SOU Interview: “Four Of ABC’s Brightest Stars”

Part of “Old Info And News”

December 13, 1994

SOU121394.jpgDo you know who these gorgeous women are? They’re four of ABC’s brightest stars, and we dress them in holyday fashions in our next issue.

Soap Opera Update invited One Life To Live’s Kassie Wesley (Blair) and Stephanie Williams (Sheila) to join Loving’s Elizabeth Mitchell (Dinah Lee) and Laura Sick (Ally) to romp through Macy’s department store in knock ’em-dead fashions. The results are a colourful pictorial on what the well-dresed woman should be wearing this holiday season. “I’m usually so simple, so this is something completely different than me,” smiles Mitchell, while co-star Sick admits, “When I do get to dress up for an occasion, I love it.” Wesley reveals, “I look best and feel most comfortable in the less-glitz and the more classic look,” though Willilams states, “Most of the stuff that we wear as actress and celebrities, I don’t have the courage to wear.” There’s so much more in the next issue.

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