SOW Interview: “Loving’s Dinah Is Put To The Tess”

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December 13, 1994

EMlov3.jpgLoving’s Dinah Lee is put to the tess
Tess is in very big trouble when Dinah Lee learns the real story behind Buck’s airplane accident.

Tess has a lot of explaining to do this week on Loving when Curtis and Dinah Lee realize she’s kept mum about Curtis’ involvement in Buck’s plane crash.

The week begins with tensions running high between Tess and Dinah Lee: D-L calls Tess on the continued efforts to make Buck feel guilty about the plane crash, forcing Tess to justify herself. Later, Tess fumes when Buck opts to stay with Dinah Lee rather than go home with Tess.

According to Elizabeth Mitchell (Dinah Lee), “Dinah Lee had given everybody a clean slate, because she’s sort of relearning everyone. She looked at Tess as being fine. Then, all of a sudden, she overhears this conversation and sees Tess tearing him down and Buck going down, and she gets really angry. She knows that Tess is up to something, but she can’t quite put her finger on what it is.”

Things go from bad to worse for Tess when a newly freed Jeremy tells Tess and Gwyn that Curtis was responsible for Buck’s accident. Of course, this isn’t news to Tess. “At that point, Tess doesn’t say anything,” Catherine Hickland (Tess) explains. “She can’t. She’s completely flipped out because she knows the cat is out of the bag, and it’s all going to come crashing down on her head.”

Tess then goes to see Curtis, hoping to silence him before he can tell Dinah lee that he is the guilty party. “She gets there too late,” Hickland says.

Curtis has already confessed his misdeeds to Dinah Lee. When D-L asks why he didn’t tell anyone before this, Curtis explains that he confessed to Tess weeks ago, and told her to tell everyone. Enter Tess. According to Hickland, “Tess stands up for what she thinks is right, and Dinah Lee stands up for what she thinks. It’s not a pleasant exchange, by any means. Tess has to justify her actions, and that’s not easy. Every time a character does something that’s not right they have to justify it – if not in their own mind, then to all those they’ve deceived.”

According to Mitchell, “I think the hurt goes so deep for Dinah Lee that she’s just thinking about the nearest thing that doesn’t hurt, and that’s Buck. She’s glad that Buck doesn’t have to feel guilty.  It’s righteous anger for Dinah Lee. At this point, she’s not even thinking about having lost the baby.”

Hickland feels this incident will trigger a change in Tess. “I think she’s been far gone for a while, regarding her feelings for Buck. This situation, Buck’s reaction when he finds out Tess knew about the accident, is devastating. I believe Tess will be going back to what she knows best – being bitter.”

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