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December 27, 1994

All The Glitters: OLTL & LOV beauties model holiday fashions.

Soap Opera Update invited One Life To Live‘s Kassie Wesley (Blair) and Stephanie Williams (Shea) to join Loving‘s Elizabeth Mitchell (Dinah Lee) and Laura Sisk (Ally)  to spend a fun-filled afternoon at Macy’s Herald Square, New York department store to model some great fashions that our readers can wear this holiday season.

Dressing the ABC actors was Macy’s Carolyn Moss, fashion director of ready-to-wear. “I chose something that was young-looking because I knew all of these girls were bright and young,” says Moss, who adds, “I assumed that all these girls were slim, so I pulled 4s and 6s, but what threw me was the height. I had thought that soap opera stars were smaller than they are.”

Once the show of their sizes was behind her, Moss explained that the clothing that she selected for these ABC women to choose from stayed within an affordable price rage for mainstream America. “I felt that the audience would relate to these clothes more than something that was so cutting edge. I didn’t choose anything tat was higher than about $350. And the quality is so good.”

According to Moss, “The buzz word for this holiday season and going forth to spring ’95 will be ‘glamour.’ And it’s a return to really looking as best as you can, with luxurious fabrics and makeup. It’s a more pulled-together effect that we’ve seen in the last seven seasons. And the clothes reflect that. They’re in luxurious fabrics of velvet and beading and sating.

Elizabeth Mitchell portrays Dinah Lee on Loving

 Carolyn Moss: “Elizabeth is wearing a ball gown with a velvet bodice and a full brocade skirt, and it has a matching shawl. It’s by Jessica McClintock.”

Elizabeth Mitchell on her own sense of style: “I normally dress in long flowy things; long pants – anything that’s big and completely covers my body in every direction, basically. I’m comfortable in a glamorous look, but only if somebody else does it. But if I have to do it, I’m not comfortable, because I know invariably there’s going to be something I completely missed.
For the holidays, I usually borrow my mothers’ clothes. I go home for Christmas, and they have all kinds of parties. My mother has lived a little bit longer than I have, and she has some incredible stuff. She’ll buy one nice thing a year, so that means there’s quite a large selection to choose from. My mother’s six feet tall; I’m 5’9” and a half. Since I’ve been working out, maybe I’ll wear something short this holiday season. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a short skirt.
(This outfit) reminds me of Grace Kelly; that’s a lovely look. I’m usually so simple, so this is something completely different than me.

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