Loving | Interview: Runnin’ with the Night

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Runnin’ with the Night

LOVING elizabeth mitchell.jpgThough she’s living in the heart of Manhattan now, Loving’s new Dinah, Elizabeth Mitchell, is a Texas gal at heart. Originally from Dallas, the beautiful actress admits that even though she’s lived in the Big Apple for a while, she still often longs for home.

“My whole family’s (in Dallas) and I’m really family-oriented, so as much as I possibly can I go home,” Mitchell admits. Two activities she especially enjoys in Dallas are watching tapes of Loving with her grandmother, and being able to roam the city as she pleases.

“I was walking down the street (the other) night (in Dallas) by myself at like 1:00 in the morning,” she recalls. “I love to walk; I love to run, and who knows what hour I’m going to do it at. I have so much energy! I like to get it out of my system sometimes.”

Mitchell has had to get used to running at more regular hours in New York, for obvious reasons: “You don’t have any illusions of being safe there.” But even though the actress has had to clip her night owl wings – and may long for some foliage now and then – she says New York is still a great place for a creative person to live; it may be a little more frenetic than Dallas, but, “it keeps you up.”

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