Loving | SOW Interview: Dinah Lee and Trucker: happily ever after?

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February 7, 1995

elizabeth_mitchell_loving_interview_2.jpgGrave consequences on Loving
Dinah Lee and Trucker: happily ever after?

The discovery that the body in Trisha’s grave is not Trisha effectively ends Trucker and Dinah Lee’s plan to live happily ever after on Loving.

Says Elizabeth Mitchell (Dinah Lee), “The first thing she thinks is, ‘it’s over, I’ve lost him again.’ Dinah Lee loves Trucker in the way where she wants him to be as happy as he possibly can. She’s upset that this is making him unhappy. She can’t pretend things are OK, because they’re not. Her heart is broken. Every day a little something more gets her upset.”

Trucker is torn. He loves Dinah Lee, but feels the need to search for Trisha. Dinah Lee overhears Alex and Trucker talking about Alex searching for Trisha, and she cancels the wedding. Trucker’s response is to take Dinah Lee to a justice of the peace anyway, vowing that they will marry tonight. “He just picks her up and carries her out,” laughs Mitchell.

Unfortunately, Alex and Ava arrive and tell the couple they can’t marry until Trisha is declared legally dead. Mitchell says, “I don’t think Dinah Lee really wanted to do it, anyway. She’s watching Trucker go through all this denial [about the possibility that Trisha is alive]. I don’t think she’s happy about anything, and she wasn’t really looking forward to it.”

Complicating matters is Christopher (Trucker and Trisha’s son), who, this week, asks Dinah Lee if he can call her “Mom.” “She says, ‘Why don’t you just call me Dinah Lee?'” says Mitchell.

Trucker hits the road by week’s end, but he’s bound to be surprised by Dina Lee’s request.

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