Loving | SOM Interview: “Softening the blow”

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March 7, 1995

som 3795.JPGSoftening the blow

Elizabeth Mitchell rarely disagrees with wardrobe’s selections for Dinah Lee, but she recently voiced an objection due to the extreme emotionality of the upcoming scene. On the day Trucker was leaving Dinah Lee to go off in search of Trisha, Elizabeth was slated to wear black outfit with black suede boots. “I thought Dinah Lee should be wearing something soft because it’s all so sad,” says Elizabeth. “I very rarely put my foot down, but I wanted things to be right.”

She approached the costume designer about changing her outfit to a white peignoir, and the costume designer discussed her suggestion with the powers-that-be. A compromise was reached, and Elizabeth was given a pretty pink night-gown to wear.

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