Loving | SOM Interview: “Cry Me A River”

Part of “Old Info And News”

March 21, 1995

som 32195.jpgCry me a river

Elizabeth Mitchell (Dinah Lee) was so drained after crying her eyes out over Trucker’s depature that she couldn’t bear shedding one more tear. Unfortunately, technical foul-ups required her to repeat the plaintive performance six times! “I got upset and said, ‘Why do we have to do this again?'” confides Elizabeth. “I felt so bad for yelling, but I couldn’t take it anymore.” She was particularly saddened that the crew, “the nicest guys I’ve ever met,” bore the brunt of her explosion. “I wasn’t upset with them in particular, just a the world,” she says with great sincerity. “So the next day, I baked everybody brownies and said I was sorry.” Her co-workers appreciated the peace offering and tried to wipe away her embarrassment. “They gave me a hug and told me not to worry about it. But crying a lot is hard and can be really draining after a while.”

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