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elizabeth_mitchell_the_linda_mc_cartney_story_28229.jpgSHE LOVES ME, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH
City’s Paul McCartney actor falls for Linda lookalike

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ABERDEEN’S Paul McCartney lookalike has fallen in love with a Linda McCartney-double. It was love at first sight for actor Gary Bakewell and American beauty Elizabeth Mitchell on the set of the made-for-TV movie, The Linda McCartney story.
“I wasn’t sure about working with this tall, blonde all-American girl, but when we met on the movie set, we clicked straight away,” says Gary, 32.
“She is absolutely lovely and charming,” admits the love-struck actor who once worked as an Evening Express paper boy.
“Elizabeth has a pretty tight filming schedule, but I intend bringing her to Aberdeen to meet the folks next month. We haven’t had time to think about wedding plans as yet, although we bought a flat in north London this week.” News of Gary and Elizabeth’s life-imitating-art romance has, until now, been a closely-guarded secret from everyone but their families and a few close friends.

“When we were making the movie of Linda McCartney’s life last year, we were very aware it was a love story,” says Gary.
“At first we weren’t sure if we were just swept up by the movie, or had genuine feelings for each other, but when the film was over and we still had strong feelings, we knew it was the real thing.” The long-distance romance was kept alive thanks e-mail love letters.
Gary, who previously starred as ex-Beatle Paul in the movie Backbeat, the screen story of the “fifth Beatle” Stuart Sutcliffe, is currently in London with Elizabeth making Man and Boy an adaptation of Tony Parson’s novel for the BBC.
“It’s good to be working alongside Elizabeth again, but great that on this trip I can show her around Aberdeen.” Gary, whose dad Charlie was once a travelling salesman, lived in Alford, Inverurie and Westhill and still considers Aberdeen to be home.
“I used to deliver the EE in Westhill as a kid,” says Gary, “It was a great round because a lot of Aberdeen Football Club players lived there, and the tips were quite good,” he jokes.
From paper boy, Gary went on to write horoscopes at DC Thomson in Dundee, before moving on to their women’s magazines. Four years later, with a yen to travel, he left and headed for Morocco
Then he came back to Scotland to enrol in Edinburgh’s Telford College acting course. High Road was his first job and since then he hasn’t looked back.
Elizabeth, is already one of Hollywood’s rising stars. She cosied up to Dennis Quaid in the film Frequency, and famously played Tomb Raider star Angelina Jolie’s lesbian lover in the movie Gia
Speaking about her role as Linda she said: “At first I didn’t want to play such a high-profile part, and I certainly didn’t expect to fall for the leading man.”
“Although we have the flat in London, we will probably split our time between here and America,” says Gary.
“As for our wedding date..the EE will be the first to know. I want Elizabeth to be entered in the Evening Express Bride of the Month competition!”

Source: Aberdeen Press & Journal (UK), December 01, 2001