Significant Others On DVD On August 3

Part of “Old Info And News”

DVD Extras SIGNIFICANT OTHERS Elizabeth Mitchell.jpgThe 1998 Fox Network series Significant Others – not to be confused with the 2-month-old Bravo improv “relationships” show of the same name – is coming to DVD late this summer, courtesy of Columbia TriStar.

Significant Others was made by the same producers as Party of Five was, a fact that is played up on the box. The show took over PoF’s timeslot when the veteran show went on hiatus that year, but Fox Network quickly cancelled the new hour-long drama due to poor ratings. And we mean quickly – only 3 episodes ever aired, out of only 6 that were shot.

Stars of Significant Others were Scott Bairstow, Eion Bailey, Michael Weatherly, Jennifer Garner, and Elizabeth Mitchell. After the cast, Bairstow of course was pulled into the cast of Party of Five (when it returned from hiatus) as the boyfriend of Neve Campbell’s character, Julia. But it was Jennifer Garner who went the farthest: a year later found Garner in the PoF spin-off The Time Of Your Life, co-starring behind Jennifer Love Hewitt. Two years later she was headlining her own series, Alias. But the cover of Significant Others – The Series doesn’t play that up, of course: it promotes Garner and her involvement in another Columbia TriStar property: the new feature film 13 Going On 30…a tie-in that is surely the main motivation for this studio to bring out the short-lived show.

As we reported, Significant Others will arrive on August 3rd. It comes in a 2-DVD set that has a $24.96 list price for 274 minutes running time.

The only extras are bonus trailers. Full Screen video is what you should expect on this, along with English Dolby Surround. The release is closed-captioned for the hearing impaired.

It’s great that fans of the short-run show get a chance to get all of it on DVD, including the unaired episodes. It will also be perfect for fans of Garner or other cast members, who want to take a look at this chapter in their careers. Whatever the reason for its release, we’re glad that Columbia remembered this forgotten gem in their vault.