‘Lost’: Elizabeth Mitchell joins the cast

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season 3 photoshoot blue tshirt elizabeth mitchell.jpgDon’t cry for Doctor Jack Shepard, Lost fans. Sure, he’s been captured by hostile Others, bound and gagged and traded away like a Barry Bonds baseball card by Michael. That’s the bad news. The good news is: There’s an excellent chance of hot, transgressive Othersex on the horizon. Elizabeth Mitchell, lately of E.R. and the Santa Clause franchise, is joining the cast of Lost. She’ll play “Juliet,” a possible love interest for Jack. And where is Jack? With The Others. So what is Juliet? The Other woman, baby!

Apart from mating with Tim Allen-in-a-fatsuit (for which she received a Purple Heart and a Congressional Medal of Humiliation), Mitchell’s played a child molester (in Wayne Kramer’s bug-eyed Running Scared) and Angelina Jolie’s lover in Gia. She brings with her a certain… edge.
Jack will have a “dangerous” alternative to the increasingly squishy Kate — one that will split his loyalties. Ah, those crafty Others! Always hitting below the belt! Watch out, Jack! Kitten’s got Clause!

Source: EW

Mitchell on “Lost” patrol for Season 3
Friday July 28 3:04 AM ET

Elizabeth Mitchell has joined the cast of ABC’s hit drama “Lost” as a possible new love interest for Matthew Fox’s character, sources said.

Earlier this week, Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro signed on to co-star on the show, which begins its third season in the fall.

Mitchell next will be seen opposite Tim Allen in the feature “The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause,” which opens November 3. Her other credits include HBO’s “Gia,” in which she played Angelina Jolie’s lover, and a recurring role on “ER.”

Source: Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

Mitchell on ‘Lost’ patrol for Season 3.

Elizabeth Mitchell has joined the cast of ABC’s hit drama “Lost” as a regular.

Mitchell will play Juliet on the Emmy-winning series from Touchstone TV and studio-based Bad Robot Prods. Details about Mitchell’s character are being kept under wraps, but some sources indicate that Juliet might be a new love interest for Jack (Matthew Fox).

Mitchell is one of two regular players “Lost” has added for next season. …

Article from: Hollywood Reporter | July 28, 2006