Lost Season 3 Premiere Date

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lostseason3posterelizabethmitchell.jpgLost Season 3 premiers on October 4, 2006.

ABC began its two days of presentations today with a Q&A with Stephen McPherson, the President of ABC Entertainment. At the same time, ABC released its schedule for the premiere dates for this fall, which featured a very notable programming decision: Lost will return on October 4th, at which point it will begin a six-week run of new episodes with no repeats. However, on November 15th, the Taye Diggs series Day Break will take over Lost’s timeslot and begin its entire 13-episode first season, which will air without repeats. When Day Break concludes, Lost will return in early February, airing the remainder of its season with no repeats or breaks. McPherson said this decision was based on the frequent fan complaints about repeats interrupting the story flow on Lost, saying, “We listened to the audience about repeats, and it seemed this was the best way.” Asked about the rather long break for Lost, while Day Break airs, McPherson said they did consider simply holding all of Lost until the spring, as 24 does, but felt it would be too long off the air for the incredibly popular show. McPherson said it was possible they might decide to air 7 episodes of Lost rather then 6, before Day Break takes its place.