Damon Lindelof Mentioning Elizabeth

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season 3 photoshoot puple tshirt elizabeth mitchell (6).jpgRECURRING/REGULAR

JG: We have three new characters, according to the media. Will they be regular or recurring new characters?
DL: Elizabeth Mitchell is a regular, and both Rodrigo and Kiele are recurs. But, as with all our recurs, there is always the potential for regularity.
JG: Upgrading.
DL: Yes. You have to make room.
JG: By killing other–aww, you’re so cruel.
DL: There’s more than one way off the Island. It’s not just death.
JG: Sometimes you get a boat on the right heading, and you get lucky.
DL: Sometimes you kill a couple women, and you get rewarded for that.
JG: Life’s not fair. That’s the moral of your show.
DL: You can say that again.

Source: DU