USA Today Review | Interview with Cuse And Fox About Juliet

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season 3 photoshoot puple tshirt elizabeth mitchell (3).jpgBut the love triangle that launched almost right from the series debut soon will crumble when Kate chooses between Sawyer and Jack, and Jack meets the mysterious Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell).

Like so much on Lost, the newcomer’s name is no coincidence. Shakespeare’s Juliet, one of literature’s greatest romantic figures, fell in love with a handsome member of an opposing clan.

Already conceptualizing a long run for Juliet, Cuse says, “It will be really compelling when we get her first flashback story and find out who she was off the island.”

Though Fox acknowledges Jack still has feelings for both Kate (“on some deep level”) and ex-wife Sarah (“you’ll see that unresolved stuff with Sarah put to bed”), he is looking forward to seeing whether Jack and Juliet evolve into a great love story.

“The circumstances in which these two people meet are far from romantic,” he says. “But what she brings into Jack’s world creates an interesting vibration.”

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