LOST | Speculation About Juliet

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season 3 photoshoot puple tshirt elizabeth mitchell (3).jpgViewers find more ‘Lost’ clues

Even though last week’s season premiere of Lost (tonight, 9 ET/PT, ABC) focused on Jack, Kate, Sawyer and The Others, fans on USATODAY.com’s Pop Candy jumped right back in with clues and questions:

• Is Jack’s new love interest, Juliet, the ex-wife of “Henry Gale,” whose real name we discovered last week is Ben?

• Was Stephen King’s book (was that Carrie?) a clue or just the producers’ tribute to a favorite author?

• Why did the CD case from which the Petula Clark song Downtown was drawn seem to be Talking Heads’ Speaking in Tongues?

• When Mr. Friendly told Kate she wasn’t his “type,” was he referring to her gender or her blood?

Tonight, Sayid, Jin and Sun return; next week, the rest of the cast comes back.

For those whose memories are foggy from four months ago, here’s where we left them: As part of a plan to surprise The Others when they met up with their fellow castaways, the trio had taken Desmond’s sailboat to The Others’ camp.

Sayid found it abandoned, and his fire signal told Jack that Michael had tricked them. Sayid, Jin and the pregnant Sun were last seen on the boat, shocked by the noise and bright light that signified the island’s electromagnetic force.

Source: usatoday