Lost | Latest From Kristin: Who Juliet Shoots?

Part of “Old Info And News”

season 3 photoshoot puple tshirt elizabeth mitchell.jpgFrom tvqueen222: Okay. Lost death. Spill it! I saw that Jorge Garcia would be doing the Top 10 on David Letterman next Tuesday, and that makes me wonder if he’s dust! Please, say it ain’t so!
Gladly. I have been able to dig up a few facts regarding this so-called death. And they are:

  • It’s not Hurley. I’m told by my Letterman mole that he’s actually promoting his mole and by ABC sources that episode 10 will be a Hurley flashback, courtesy of a very much alive Hurley.
  • If you’ve seen the new Entertainment Weekly, you also know that Juliet apparently shoots someone in a group on the beach that includes Sawyer, Kate and the Others. She does it with two bullets from a Sig Sauer (the same model of gun that the Marshall carried).
  • According to sources, it’s not Jack, Sawyer, Sun, Kate or Locke.