TV Guide Interview | Elizabeth Mitchell: Has Lost’s Juliet Found Her Romeo in Jack?

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November 1, 2006

season 3 photoshoot blue tshirt elizabeth mitchell (4).jpgElizabeth Mitchell: Has Lost’s Juliet Found Her Romeo in Jack?

This past Friday the 13th was a lucky, yet unlucky, day The good news is that we got the chance to Q&A Lost newcomer Elizabeth Mitchell, who first caught our eye years ago when she bedded Angelina Jolie (in the HBO movie Gia). The bad news was that we had to sit on this feature until today, Nov. 1 — albeit in time for Lost‘s penultimate pre-hiatus outing. (The even worse news was that the end of our chat — in which we discussed The Santa Clause 3, opening Friday and in which she again plays the big guy’s Mrs. — was “lost” to a tape-recorder snafu. Yeah, the Others, I’m casting a wary eye at you.) But still, there was plenty to share about Juliet’s agendas, both enigmatic and romantic. The big tease in talking to you is that I can’t run this Q&A until Nov. 1.
Elizabeth Mitchell: [Laughs] That is a tease! Anyway, welcome to the zany world of Lost….
Mitchell: Oh, thank you. Yeah, it is zany. Crazy, even. When did you first audition for Juliet, and how many actresses did you need to beat up to get the role?
Mitchell: Well, yeah, I “took out” a couple. I’m not really sure [how many were up for the role], but I saw a lot of women at the first audition. I basically went in for one [reading], the next day went in for another, and the next day went in for the last — and that was that. Was this the first crack you took at the show? They brought on another blonde last season….
Mitchell: Libby, right? No, I was not up for that. I haven’t ever auditioned for Lost before. How has Hawaii been for you? Are you minding the gas pedal, drinking Shirley Temples…?
Mitchell: Oh, yeah. I have a baby, so I do stick to Shirley Temples. And the gas pedal, of course I always drive the speed limit, every second of the day. It’s tricky here you know. [The speed limits] go from like 55 [mph] to 25, and they warn you only a little bit. And I just passed, like, three cop cars that were Mercedes, so it’s not like you could outrun them. Not that I would try. [Laughs] Perhaps more importantly, how is your aforementioned year-old son liking Hawaii?
Mitchell: He loves the beach, wades out in the water…. He’s a happy guy. Hawaii is particularly suited for children. Has ABC pulled the ol’ rookie/newcomer prank on you and warned you “not to reveal anything” to me? Because that’s all a bunch of hogwash, you know.
Mitchell: Oh, I’m so happy you told me that! Good. In that case, we have a lot to talk about. [Laughs] I sense that Juliet is a somewhat disenfranchised Other. Am I on the right track?
Mitchell: I don’t know…. It does appear to be that way, from the first few episodes, absolutely. But we’ll see. And based on that Oct. 11 “you never made me soup” scene, are we to infer that perhaps she and Ben have a failed romantic past?
Mitchell: I don’t know what kind of past they have, but it definitely is complicated and intricate. It was in-depth, whatever it was. When they blind you as an actress with such secrecy….
Mitchell: [Laughs] “She laughs at the poor reporter….” As I was saying, what kind of direction do they give you in playing this character?
Mitchell: Well, they tell me what I need to know. For instance, there was a scene where I needed to know a little bit more to play it correctly, so I called and said, “I need to know such and such,” so they told me such and such. It’s on a need-to-know basis. So, they might say to you, “Even though Juliet is doing this, she doesn’t really want to be doing this.”
Mitchell: Absolutely, yes. Or, they will say, “She’s extraordinarily good at doing this, even if she doesn’t want to do this.” I had to laugh at this season’s opening scene. It was as if they transplanted Wisteria Lane onto the island.
Mitchell: I think that was their intention, actually! I was half expecting Edie to show up in a halter top.
Mitchell: Right, and bring over, like, a cherry pie? People would pay to see that, for sure. Does Juliet figure into the Nov. 1 episode airing the night this Q&A goes live?
Mitchell: She kind of figures into most of the episodes, except for [Oct. 18]. There are snippets of her here and there, and you get a little bit more of the story every time. I think they’re kind of excited about this particular story line, but there’s stuff going on with everyone else that everyone is fascinated by, too. What can you tease about the pre-hiatus cliff-hanger, airing Nov. 8?
Mitchell: Hmm, what can I tell you…. No, what can you tease? I know better than to expect Lost actors to tell me anything.
Mitchell: There is a little bit revealed here about one of your favorite characters. That much I can say! Is it safe to say that Juliet’s book club is indefinitely postponed?
Mitchell: [Laughs] Yeah, I think so, very possibly. But you never know! Hey, no one liked my book, and that’s fine. Get a load of this clumsy segue from the book-club talk: “Do you think Juliet is starting a new chapter here, with Jack in her life?”
Mitchell: Wow… that was deep. You’re smooth. Very possibly, she is. I think she is more drawn to Jack than she thought she would be, I can definitely say that. I don’t think she walked into the room [in the season premiere] thinking she would be drawn to Jack. I think she just went in there to do a job, but… he’s fairly enticing!