EW’s Lost Predictions About Juliet

Part of “Old Info And News”

season 3 photoshoot puple tshirt elizabeth mitchell.jpg3. Juliet was the sister of Ethan, the Claire-abducting Other from season 1. Goodwin, the Other killed by Ana Lucia in season 2, was married to Mr. Friendly. Yep: Tom is gay. Hence, the ”You’re not my type” comment to Kate in the season premiere.


A. Juliet is going to help Kate and Sawyer escape — although the deal is that she gets to go with them. Her goal: to get back to the beach and kill Charlie, who killed her brother, Ethan.

B. Juliet will gain the trust of the Beach Camp by outing a spy in their midst — perhaps this mysterious Jacob fellow name-dropped in the last episode. With their trust gained, Juliet will take advantage of it to try to kill Charlie.

Source: EW