Robin Weigert Plays Juliet’s Sister – Damon About Juliet

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3x07 Not In Portland Elizabeth Mitchell (13).jpgWhen the show returns from its winter break Feb. 7, the story line of Jack, Kate and Sawyer versus Juliet and Benjamin of the menacing and mysterious Others, which occupied most of the first six episodes of Season 3, will wrap up, the producers said. That news pleased McPherson, who said earlier in the day that he missed seeing the extended “Lost” cast in Season 3’s first half-dozen episodes.

Robin Weigert, a.k.a. Calamity Jane on “Deadwood,” plays Juliet’s sister in episode 307, and she will be back later in the season.

It sounds as though Juliet and Ben will be around for a while. More on that from Lindelof: “I think it’s safe to say that we will see the last of Alcatraz Island [where Jack, Sawyer and Kate were held] by around the ninth episode of Season 3. Then we’ll be shaking things up a bit. … I love Ben and Juliet, I think they are the face of the Others right now, they are fascinating characters that we still have many stories to tell. I would not fear their death any time soon. Although a lot of people hate them and want them to die.”