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Lost Is Back! (And So, So Good Again)
By Kristin Veitch

season 3 photoshoot puple tshirt elizabeth mitchell (3).jpgDon’t worry, I won’t tell your significant other. But I have it on the highest authority that you’re going to fall in love with someone this coming Wednesday. It will happen fast and hard, and you will be able to think of little else.

The object of your newfound, all-encompassing crush? One Ms. Elizabeth Mitchell, aka Juliet, whose performance in this Wednesday’s winter premiere of Lost makes you fall in love with not only her as an actress, but with the show itself all over again.

I caught up with the Lost cast at a recent event at the TV Academy. To hear teases and loveliness straight from Evangeline, Josh Holloway and the rest of the Lost stars’ mouths, click on play in the video clip at the top of this column.

Now, on the off chance you’ve been sniffing glue and had planned not to watch this Wednesday’s Lost, here are a few reasons why you cannot miss it

• Elizabeth Mitchell, as Juliet, is the fierce force behind this Wednesday’s episode, which delves into her backstory, her reason for coming to the island, her history with Ben and even a surprise crossover appearance by someone we already know.

• The ep has an action-packed storyline so expertly crafted that you won’t be able to see what’s coming, and you will be at the edge of your La-Z-Boy cushions. I swear. • Evangeline Lilly completely kicks ass in every way—physically, theatrically, romantically.

• And, oh yeah, the boys aren’t half-bad either.

Most important, for you who have perhaps lost a wee bit of your faith in Lost after the first six episodes (tsk-tsk), I truly believe this episode will make you believe again and bring you back to the show’s glory days. Honest.

Even better, based on what I’ve heard from sources, the subsequent episodes keep on rockin’. In fact, when I emailed executive producer Damon Lindelof to rave like a lunatic about this Wednesday’s episode, he replied “Thrilled that you dig it…I hope you like [episode] eight, too. A bit of a departure for us, but an episode I’m really proud of. One word…Desmond.”

Lindelof also pointed out to me that producers “haven’t forgotten how season two ended. Episode eight is hugely significant in beginning to pay off. Also…did I mention Desmond?!? [Henry Ian] Cusick is silly good.” (I think I just piddled.)

And here’s what else the cast and creators told me about what lies ahead. (It’s of the SPOILERY variety, so read at your own risk!)

Big Reveals Ahead! “There will be some answers to questions that people have been wondering about for a while,” executive producer J.J. Abrams told me. “Things like why Locke is in the wheelchair and what is in the monster. I really think it is a thrilling remainder of the season.”

We’re Going Back to the OG Lost-ies “We are going to start dealing with the people on the original island,” Daniel Dae Kim told me. “And we are going to get away from the others and come back and see what we have been doing, and the tone of the show lightens up a little bit. Jorge’s got a great flashback that was so much fun to do, and it’s me, Jorge and Josh. It’s a lighter episode, and I was really happy to do it.”

Hurley Comes to Charlie’s Rescue “If someone needs to be picked up somehow, Hurley is there to do it. And I think that hasn’t changed. In the coming episodes, he definitely makes a little bit of a project out of Charlie,” said Jorge. (Sources tell me Hurley’s help may have something to do with the Charlie ‘n’ Claire lovey-doveyness that lies ahead—squee!)

Juliet and Jack Are Sittin’ in a Tree Despite what Evangeline says about Kate “not giving up” on Jack (you really gotta watch the Vine show on the main page to see that for yourself), I’m told Juliet and Jack are gonna stay tight. Really tight. At the Lost event, I asked Elizabeth Mitchell (who, in person, is perhaps the world’s most gracious woman, FYI), which other castaways she’d be sharing scenes with, besides Jack, and she said, “Mainly just Jack. That’s basically it.” And that’s foxy!

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid When I asked Yunjin Kim what was coming up, she told me, “There is so much, so much. We’ll definitely find out a lot more about the Others, and the more we find out the more scary they are. They’ve got some power, and they’re very well connected in a very scary way. ” And Michael Emerson said he thinks a bigger game is afoot “Everyone, sooner or later, is a pawn in Ben’s game, I think. Everyone, sooner or later, has a target on their back.”

Kate and Sawyer Aren’t Playing House—Yet I asked Josh Holloway (a man who once planned to ditch acting for a gig as a realtor) if Kate might soon be moving in with her man, and he said, “Well, I don’t know about that. She is going to have to work a little bit for that, the real estate. I have the windows, you know! She is going to have to step up the game for that.” (I would just like to go on record that “working off” a window view with Josh Holloway is my dream job. Thank you.)

Flashback Madness From the mouths of the Lost-ies themselves…According to Emilie de Ravin, this season’s Claire episode “goes back to when Claire was a lot, lot younger and in a very different place in her life.” And when I asked Henry Ian Cusick if the hatchplosion had turned him into some sort of seer, he said, “Those questions will be answered on Feb. 14.” Cancel your V-Day plans, people, because that’s the night Lost throws its Desmondpalooza!

Bottom Line If you don’t watch Lost this Wednesday, you are a stone-cold fool. Yeah, you heard me. Got a problem with that? Well, feel free to say it like it is in the Comments section below (and I will take you down).

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