Lost 3×07 Spoilers From Digital Spy

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season 3 photoshoot puple tshirt elizabeth mitchell.jpgEpisode seven of Lost is Juliet-centric, following her backstory from her days as a brilliant scientist/researcher. Back on the island, Lost goes 24 – the episode charts the hour after Jack makes his demand and, despite some reports, the action stays solely with our gang on the second island.

Here are seven things about episode seven I can tell you – but be warned, I’ve thrown a couple red herrings in. Just for a laugh.

1. Ben wakes up in the middle of his surgery with a message for Juliet.
2. Ethan is back from the dead.
3. One character is killed in a Final Destination-style death.
4. We are the causes of our own suffering.
5. Jack finally tells Kate that he loves her.
6. Either Ben’s daughter or her boyfriend is shot by Juliet.
7. God loves you as He loves Jacob.

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