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 [SPOILERS] Lost 3×07 Detailed Plot [SPOILERS]

Messages from someone who watched the episode.

season 3 photoshoot puple tshirt elizabeth mitchell.jpgThe episode starts with Juliet crying on the beach. She has a black pouch with her and goes to her sisters home. She walks by ETHAN in the hallway of an apartment building and smiles. The she walks into a room, where her sister, Rachel, aparently lives. She injects her with an unknown medicine. She says “We don’t have to keep doing this” and her sister responds “Because he’ll find out?” Juliet stands and opens the drapes of the apartment and reveals an impressive view of the Miami Skyline….

Back to real time on the island. The fight scene we left off with between Kate and Sawyer and the others while in their cage. Sawyer repeatedly shoves DANNY’s head into the electrocution button in the cage and they escape to the beach. At this point Juliet orders the others who are in the OR with Jack to follow Kate and Sawyer and capture them, and kill them if they have to. Jack retorts with the truth about Juliet’s motives. How she wants Ben to die.

Ok so next is another Juliet flashback where she is at a medical research center and swipes her card reading “Dr. Burke” to get in even though its clearly after hours at the facility. She sneaks into a lab where she rifles through a medicine cabinet and and pockets some medicine that she was initially shown shooting into her sister Rachel’s stomache. As she’s doing this, she is interrupted by a bald man and a pretty brunette in the background. He catches her hiding behind a table and tells her to leave and go home. The brunette insists on an introduction and he introduces Juliet as his ex-wife. On her way out he insists that she turn off the light (so they can get it on).

Ethan does not really convince Juliet to come to the island. This guy comes to Juliet and tries to woo her to come and work for some “company in Portland” (it is something with an M I forgot). Juliet says the only way that she could actually go to Portland to work for these people if “her ex-husband gets hit by a bus.” Low and behold, that is what happens.
Ben also tells Juliet that if she helps Kate and Sawyer escape, he will let Juliet return home. We don’t actually here this, we get this info when Jack asks Juliet what Ben said to her afterwards.

So Kate and Sawyer make it to the Beach where they realizes they need a boat to get back to their own island. But as Kate calls jack, the others arrive and begin shooting at them and their radio. Sawyer and Kate kick some ***, but they get followed and ALEX shows up out of nowhere in the jungle and saves them just as sawyer runs through his last bullet. They hide in a trap door pit beneath the jungle.

And sad to say, the Kate-Sawyer-Jack stuff was the least important and very predictable. Juliette is being introduced as a lead and theres the whole brainwashing program they used on Carl that said things like “Everything Changes” and “You are the cause of your own suffering” and “Think about your life” with trippy techno music and crazy images!

Ok Karl. The find him in this room where his eyes are being forced open with these bright blue glasses. He is watching a sort of psychotherapy video…one with various pictures of flowers and shapes and weird stuff interspersed with messages like vass said…. And there is techno music blaring. They are probably torturing him for trying to escape. He is unconscious because of all of this and comes to on the boat. He tells Alex that he loves her and Juliet forbids Alex to go with Kate, Sawyer, and Karl to the other island because “her father wants her when he wakes up.”

Nothing really happens between Jack and Kate. Jack is in the OR the entire episode. Kate runs off with Sawyer with the help of Alex and Juliet…after some intense fight scenes. The most dramatic moment was when Jack asks Kate about the “story” he told her on the first day…and she recounts the episode he had as a surgeon when he tore open the girls spinal cord but then fear calmed him and he sewed it back up successfully.

The last flashback was Ethan and the guy (I guess he is a Dharma Agent of some kind) talking to Juliet in the morgue about how she should come to work for them, in a place “Not quite in Portland.”

oh yeah and by the way….it looks like Juliet isn’t going to get off the island as quickly as she thought. It seems like Juliet is going to get in big trouble for shooting Pickett. Alex tells Jack that the rule is “an eye for an eye.”

Here is some more new stuff that I can think of that vass didn’t mention and you guys may not have heard about.
-Sawyer makes a Star Wars joke that is priceless
-Karl is held is cell # 23
-Ben wakes up during the surgery and I got the feeling that he is some weird genius cause he says Jack something about how much time he has left to live…it seemed pretty exact though and weird.
-Tom awkwardly introduces himself to Jack…it is funny.
-Tom tells Jack that Juliet and Ben “have a history”
-Ben is definitely Alex’s father…it is confirmed…but it isn’t clear if he is her biological father or just adopted father (the biological thing wouldn’t make sense unless Rosseau was really screwed up)
-Jack asks Tom why they didn’t go get Ben surgery off the island and Tom says “We would, be ever since the sky turned purple…” and then Jack busts an artery and we aren’t able to hear anything else.

Cuse also said some more interesting things
-There isn’t just one theory or one sentence that sums up the show. He said that one couldn’t even predict how everything connects because things haven’t been introduced yet.
-The past comment ties into the Walt and Michael story. Cuse said that they will only go back to this story once we have the sufficient knowledge to comprehend what the writers want to show us.

Carlton also said that the episode has an anagram in it that is a major CLUE to the theory of the rest of the show. So look out for it, i wrote some stuff down when they are brainwashing Carl but I think i missed it….

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Hi Guys — I’m also new to the forum, but I was at the same screening as Vass and Rogue. One of the most interesting things that I remember from the episode was from the scene where Juliet is meeting with the agent from the company that wants to hire her. They are in a darkish room, just the two of them and there is a projector going. The man displays some x-ray images and asks Juliet what she sees. She goes onto say something about how the endometrium of the cervix (don’t remember the technical stuff) looks like it was coming from a really old woman (maybe in her 60s or 70s). The man responds by saying that the x-rays were from a 27 year old. Shocked, she says “how?” And he says, “what if I gave you all the time and resources to find out why?” (obviously trying to woo her). She’s flattered by this, smiles a bit, before going into her estranged ex-husband and the bus line.

The reason I’m interested in this scene is because maybe it could lend a clue as to why the Others can’t have children of their own and need to kidnap them. Some sort of pre-mature aging? Any thoughts?

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