Dallas Star Telegram Interview: “Mitchell’s glad to still be an Other”

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February 07, 2007

Piyal Hosain Portrait Session October 22 2006 (11).jpgMitchell’s glad to still be an Other
Elizabeth Mitchell is the enigmatic Juliet on ABC’s Lost.

The first time Dallas-reared actress Elizabeth Mitchell’s name appeared in the Star- Telegram, it was in a 1992 review of a Theatre Three production of Amateurs. “Mitchell’s role is hardly one-dimensional as written,” then-theater critic Perry Stewart wrote, “but the actress adds considerable depth. She is a rare combination of arresting beauty and finely honed wit.”

No wonder she likes us. Good thing, too, because now Mitchell (who has relatives in Fort Worth) is acting on a much higher plane — or maybe that should be on a much higher crashed plane. The 36-year-old actress has made an impact on this season of Lost as Juliet, the enigmatic Other who has shared several tantalizing scenes with Matthew Fox’s Jack.
As Lost returns tonight, we learn much more about Juliet, as the show’s familiar flashbacks reveal her story — and a little more of what’s happening on the island.

Mitchell, whose other notable roles include Mrs. Claus in the Santa Clause movies, chatted with the Star-Telegram and a few others sticking recording devices in her face during an ABC party at last month’s TV critics’ gathering in Pasadena, Calif.

On what fans want to know about Juliet: “[Is she] good or bad? I get this from women a lot, that they trust me but now they’re kind of embarrassed to trust me. … I think bad people always think they’re good, and sometimes good people never know they’re good. I think Juliet has an objective. I think sometimes we’ll do anything for the people we love.”

On how she made the jump from Dallas to L.A.: “Um, I followed a man to New York, followed another man to Los Angeles, ended up in Los Angeles with no man and a career. … I just worked in different places, depending on who I fell in love with. I never followed a man to have a life; I just thought they were kinda cute, so I hung out with them.”

On her increased fame: “I still don’t buy it. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I really don’t. I just don’t think it’s real. I’m a character actor, so I don’t buy it. I know that some people think that’s the way that it is, but then I’ll walk into a room with somebody’s who’s actually famous, and it’s a completely different scenario for them. … I think I’ve had a fabulous career because I’m not particularly recognizable.”

On Juliet’s shelf life on Lost, where many characters have expiration dates: “I always feel like [she could] die any minute. And I really like that. … I do feel like my time is precious. I have an unlimited amount of energy for work, and especially when you know every day is a gift and you get to have it, I’m kind of like, ‘all right, let’s do it.'”

Jack or Sawyer?: “Jack. … I like the good guys. The bad-guy thing I did in my 20s.”