Honolulu Theatre for Youth

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Honolulu_theatre_for_youth_elizabeth_mitchell.jpgThe cast of Lost is giving back to the community where the island drama is filmed. Actors like Matthew Fox, Jorge Garcia, and Henry Ian Cusick are participating in a play-reading fundraiser for the Honolulu Theatre for Youth. Fellow cast members Terry O’Quinn, Elizabeth Mitchell, Daniel Dae Kim, and Michael Emerson are also expected to appear.

The event was planned by HTY board member Annie Wood, who happens to be married to Henry Ian Cusick. Wood, a well-regarded youth theater director, is planning a series of play-readings (also featuring Lost stars) with Matthew Fox’s wife Margherita Ronchi. It appears that many Lost spouses are involved with this cause.

Cast members will be available to sign autographs after the show, which is set for Sunday, March 4, at Honolulu’s Tenney Theatre.

Source: aol.com