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Brilliant Marh 2007 Elizabeth Mitchell.jpgLost and Found
Story by Lance Avery Morgan

Imagine this: you live in Hawaii, you are the star of perhaps the biggest television adventure hit in a decade and you are stunning, sound like a dream? Not if you’re Elizabeth Mitchell, the Dallas-bred star of ABC’s Lost. We had a chance to catch up by phone after she’d finished s particularly gruelling action scene in the jungle, so her adrenaline was running high and she was ready to let loose, here, in an exclusive to Brilliant, we talk about her career, her co-stars, and getting dirty in paradise.

We love our Texans who make it big in Hollywood. Was there something about your Dallas upbringing that drove you to succeed?
My lovely parents, who still live in Texas, absolutely taught me my work ethic. Texas was a great place to grow up with such smart, strong people. My sense of individuality and confidence are from Texas.

Speaking of Texas, tell me about working with Dennis in Frequency and Renee in Nurse Betty. They often turn up in Brilliant.
Dennis and Renee were both great fun. Dennis was a long-time crush of mine and he was as charming and kind as I could have wished. I only worked with Renee for a flash, but she’s extremely talented and sweet with a big laugh.

You played Angelina Jolie’s lover in the critically acclaimed HBO film, Gia. Did she talk to you into getting tattoo since she herself has so many?
Angelina never suggested I get tattoos but hers are amazing, as is she.

And now you are on just about everyone’s favorite desert island drama, Lost, what is that like?
I can honesty say as much fun as it looks. The writing is so good, delicious, really. The actors are talented, humble and, well, ridiculously good looking, I can’t complain.

You look hot in the show. Is all dirt-filled action adventure difficult?
It’s fun to be dirty.

Since this is our spring fashion issue, when you’re back in Los Angeles, where do you shop these days?
I love this little store in Sunset Plaza called Dimani. The owner is sweet, and the clothes are great.

Any favorite designers right now?
I’m having a love affair with Paige Premium Denim jeans at the moment. as are my sisters. The fit is perfect.

When you attend events, do you work with a stylist?
I worked with a very talented stylist last time I was there, Melinda Tarbell. She’s so great. Other times I just run over to Neiman Marcus. I always find cute stuff there.

What trends are you loving to wear?
I am kind of into belts, funky jewellery, and, for some reason, I’ve been hat crazy lately. Also in Hawaii they have these little surfer girl shorts, which are an excellent alternative to the bikini.

Any advice you want to give to our readers who are starting their acting careers?
When I first started, everyone told me it would never happen for me, for one reason or another. I guess my advice is to listen to what helps you get to your goal. Filter out the rest. Not one person out there can tell you what you’re capable of accomplishing.