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Episode Recap: “The Other Woman”

lost season 4 photoshoot elizabeth mitchell set 1 (3).jpg“It’s very stressful being an Other, Jack.” Though at the time she was being sarcastic, it seems like Juliet really hit the nail on the head. Just ask Ethan and Goodwin and Tom and…well, let’s just say that the Others have faced their share of adversity (and gunfire and wood spikes through the chest).

Tonight we made a welcome return to flashbacks. We learned that after arriving on the island, Juliet was dealing with enough pressure and isolation to need a shrink. (Was I the only one that thought for a moment that we were meeting another Oceanic Sixer?) Andrea Roth has been absolutely superb as Tommy Gavin’s masochistic ex-wife Janet over on Rescue Me, so I was excited to see her pop up as Harper Stanhope, Juliet’s therapist and the estranged wife of Goodwin (Brett Cullen). One of the things I love about this show is that there is a constant reinforcement of and reference to things that have already occurred. Having seen Goodwin tangle with Ana-Lucia back when we were tracking the tailies, it was so cool to see the story played out from a completely different perspective.

We also learned tonight that our little Ben harbored a big-time crush on Juliet, apparently even before her arrival on the island. How strange to see Mr. Malevolent bopping around his kitchen like a giddy schoolgirl, offering gifts of flowers, cozy dinners and two-bedroom/two-bathroom houses. I almost felt bad for him, right up until he dragged Juliet to view Goodwin’s rotting body and came clean about his motives for sending him to gather intelligence on the tailies in the first place. His notion of Juliet being his (“You’re mine!”) was very creepy, perhaps made more so by Harper’s assessment that Juliet looks “just like her.” Who was Harper referring to? And also, when Harper appeared to Juliet on the beach, what did she mean when she said, “Ben is exactly where he wants to be”? Is that a reference to the possibility of teleportation?

It was nice to see Jack and Kate again tonight, albeit briefly. I did smile a little to myself when Kate’s penchant for finding trouble got her whacked on the head by Charlotte. The two freighter folks did manage to make their way to the Tempest to disable the poison gas threatening the island, but only after a nice smackdown between Juliet and Charlotte. While I am still not sure what I think about Charlotte, I am definitely warming to Daniel. Jeremy Davies’ twitchy but endearing performance is offering unexpected layers of vulnerability and openness. It seems that Faraday’s unique skills and areas of expertise will be a big help as the electromagnetic forces at play become obvious.

Some other highlights tonight:
— Juliet’s casual mention of the children and Ben assuring her that they will “stop asking questions” about their mother.

— Jack and Juliet’s kiss at the end of the episode. Though I am a big Jater, I do like these two together and I am curious as to what’s in store, since, at this point anyway, we haven’t seen a future Juliet off the island.

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