Komo TV Go Behind the Scenes of ‘Lost’ | Video Interview

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Fans of ABC’s “Lost” spend countless hours trying to decipher the secrets of the island. Some of the biggest mysteries are: Where is the island, and what is the island? But what if I told you, you could visit the island yourself, and you don’t even need to take an Oceanic flight to get there?

I went to Oahu get “Lost” myself. That Hawaiian Island is where all things Lost happen. But you don’t have to be a member of the cast to see the lavish locations where the hit TV show is filmed. In fact, all you need to do is give Ed Kos a call.

Kos is a “Lost” buff. He’s part detective, and the ultimate tour guide.

“I watch the scene and print the pictures off the Internet, then I go and match up every little bush, every little ridge, every rock,” Kos said.

But, if you don’t go with Ed, you can’t see this stuff from the road. Every stop is on private property. We had to get permission from the land owners, and only Ed gets exclusive access. He took me and my crew along for a behind-the-scenes peek.

Our first stop is Kualoa Gardens, part of Kualoa Ranch. That’s where Dr. Juliet Burke makes her island debut.

“(When) Juliet gets off the submarine, this is her first view,” Kos says, pointing to the shoreline. “Now if you look back you can see what she sees,” says Kos as he points out a massive and distinct ridge line. It’s unforgettable and as soon as I see it, I recognize it.

“The beauty is awesome here,” says Bainbridge Island’s Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays the mysterious Juliet Burke. Even though the beach is her office, Mitchell says it never loses its beauty or appeal. Playing Juliet has been a ‘role of a lifetime.’ She told me she’s captivated with Juliet’s vulnerability and viciousness.

“She’s my favorite I’ve ever played,” Mitchell said. “She’s massively fun for me.” She gives glory to the creators and writers, and credits the actors who ‘are so giving.’ She insists they make her better – especially Matthew Fox, who plays Dr. Jack Shephard.

“Everyone here has passion,” says Mitchell.

Back to the tour, the island is not just magical for the cast, but for the fans of ‘Lost‘ too. “I just want to jump up and down,” squealed tourist and ‘Lost‘ fanatic Lauren Johnson. “It’s my favorite show!” And there was no way neither she nor Leo Szanto was leaving Oahu without taking a ‘Lost‘ tour.

“It’s just amazing when you walk out there, you can picture everyone out on the pier walking the same steps, you just walked — it’s something else,” says Szanto, who is vacationing with Johnson from Atlanta.

A short walk from the pier we discovered the Cantina Brukutu — scene of that gruesome confrontation where Mr. Eko killed two drug lords. “People love it,” insists Kos. But no spot is hotter, than our next stop. “I knew exactly where they were. I was like, YEAH! What a great scene!” Johnson said.

You’d easily recognize the verdant valley and big blue water. The locals know it’s Ka’a’awa Valley – on Oahu’s North Shore. But to fans, it’s Hurley’s Golf Course.

“Everybody wants to get a golf club, so let me get you a club,” Kos said. I couldn’t help myself, the “Lost” fan in me, had to do it, I had to swing a golf club on Hurley’s Golf Course.

At least 15 pivotal scenes have been shot in this valley, including Season 3’s finale.

Then, there’s one place fans always ask to see: Those hatches. And, we found one. “This is the spot, got it,” says Kos as he raises his arms in victory. Remember when Juliet was on the move to stop a deadly chemical release and when Juliet and Jack made their move? Die-hard Lost fans you know where we are: The Tempest! Who can forget the kiss between Juliet and Jack? Mitchell says it was a thank-you-for-saving-me-kiss.

Fans who got goose bumps watching it think it was more romantic than that. So Elizabeth, where will that kiss take us? “The kiss was fun,” admits Mitchell. And...”I’d like to see something passionate happen with Jack.”

Will it? Even she doesn’t know. Mitchell told me the best part about “Lost“: “It’s like life,” — it’s open ended – the best part is waiting to see how it turns out.

Source: KomoTV