LOST 5×02 On-Set Photos And Report

Part of “Old Info And News”

Anyway we took some pics of the old beach from season 1, the waterfall, the other’s houses, etc. At the end of the day we decided to look at one more site, Police Beach, and we came up on them shooting a beach scene. In the scene was Sawyer, Juliet, Charlotte, Miles, AND Faraday. The raft was on the beach. It seemed that Faraday was telling them something but we weren’t aloud to get to close. So Faraday’s alive or……it’s a flashback of some sorts. lol

Source: DU

– Small Cessna Found
– Locke and Alpert filming together
– Sawer/Juliet/Rose/Bernard filming confirmed
– Charlotte and Miles filming together confirmed
– Shirtless Sawyer Confirmed 🙂
– Locke and Marvin Candle seen together on the set although not confirm that they appear on screen together
– Construction work taking place in front of the camera
– Reports of them filming an Accident/Incident
– Hospital scene in Kahuku
– The casting of an Asian baby (Ji Yeon?)
– Some items that Ryan has previously reported

source : Lostpedia.com/