LOST on Stormy Seas | Set Report

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SPOILER ALERT! When the sun goes down on Friday, most people rejoice at the end of the work week. Today, however, sunset meant things were just getting started for the “LOST” production crew. They commandeered the swimming pool at Kaneohe District Park, converting it into a film-studio-grade water tank. The floor of the pool was blacked out, black canvas was hung around the perimiter, and they also put up giant fans, crane-mounted lights, and huge rain rigs and pumps. (More setup photos here.) Filming continued all through the night.

At least two scenes were filmed, both in stormy seas. The first involved a canoe, and it was an all-star crew: Josh Holloway, Elizabeth Mitchell, Ken Leung, Rebecca Mader, and Jeremy Davies. And at the helm? I’m pretty sure it was Terry O’Quinn. They were rocked by waves, drenched by rain, blasted by wind, and blinded by lightning. Sawyer calls for them to go back. But then they see or hear something, and begin paddling toward it.

The second scene involved a large red and black rescue raft. Similar to, but larger than, the raft that carried the Oceanic 6. And unlike with the canoe, none of the raft’s handful of passengers were recognizable. The rain and waves are cued again. Over the din of the equipment, the men and women argue… in French. Suddenly, one of them spots something in the distance. One man pulls out a flashlight, and two other men pull out paddles and start heading toward it.

Two floating, soaking wet groups of people, both buffeted by stormy seas, and both suddenly compelled to seek something in the water. Each other? Or something else?

There is, in fact, one last object floating in the sea (or pool, as it were). A large, thick, wooden door, splintered at the top, a long handle jutting out of the water. And on it, a man lay motionless.

source : ryan blog