Lost | Set Report From An Extra

Part of “Old Info And News”

For those of you who didn’t know, I got to be an extra for LOST on Monday and Tuesday. I was officially cast as “Mom on Swing.” This role required me push an 8 year old girl on a swing then stand by a fence I had to sign a confidentiality paper, so I don’t give away the plot, so that’s all I’ll say. The girl that played my daughter was absolutely adorable. I attempted to teach her how to juggle when we were waiting to be filmed. She made me take a picture with her because she said I was going to be famous and she wanted to make sure she got a picture before it would be too difficult to. I hope that was a sign. I was working til about 4 AM and it was nice and rainy and freezing.
On Tuesday, I was a “Dharmite”, as you can see in this picture. I looked like a girl scout. The director even walked over and told me that it looked like I should be selling cookies. While I was waiting to be called to set, I was sitting at a picnic table with a few other background actors. Sawyer had a break, so he walked over to the picnic table and picked up a guitar and started singing the blues to me. Okay…he was probably singing to all of us, but he kept looking at me. It was crazy.
Speaking of being so close to the actors, I had hair and makeup sitting between the girl who plays Juliet (Elizabeth Marshall) and the asian guy (Daniel Dae Kim).

source : hawai report