Lost 5×03 Review About Juliet And Elizabeth

Part of “Old Info And News”

elizabeth mitchell pink shirt.jpgSo, we’re three episodes in to the penultimate season of “Lost.” Where are we? When are we? Who’s who and what’s what? I don’t have a freakin’ clue from minute to minute, but I’m loving the ride.

Tonight’s seg, “Jughead” — written by Elizabeth Sarnoff and Paul Zbyszewski and helmed by Rod Holcomb — was deceptively slow-paced, at least that’s what you think until you see it all the way through. There’s lots to digest, but I want to start by focusing on someone who’s been bugging me for a while: Juliet.

She knows more than she’s telling about a lot of things. I don’t mean to suggest that she’s got ulterior or evil motives, or that she was anything less than committed to helping the former castaways (Jack, Kate, Sun et al) or Sawyer and the rest of the small group she’s stuck with now. I think Jack had it right back in season three when he told her that he could see in her eyes how desperately she wants off that island.

But there’s still something beguiling about her, so wonderfully and maddeningly mysterious about her, and that’s a testament to Elizabeth Mitchell’s talent in handling this tough role. You get the feeling that Juliet hasn’t told anyone one-tenth of the horrors she saw in New Otherton and other locales on the island. Maybe it’s all just too painful and she’s blocking it all out.

But Juliet continues to have these moments where she dribbles out a little more information about her past — like the scene in this seg where she starts conversing in Latin with the two guys they’ve captured from Richard Alpert’s group. The quizzical look of disdain that Sawyer gives her when she matter of factly explains that the guys speak Latin “for the same reason I do — because they’re Others.”