Young Rachel and Young Juliet

It appears they casted someone to play Young Rachel for 3 episodes now.

– Lost” …. Young Rachel (3 episodes, 2009)
– The Incident: Part 1 (2009) TV episode …. Young Rachel
– The Incident: Part 2 (2009) TV episode …. Young Rachel
– The Variable (2009) TV episode …. Young Rachel

Weeks ago she was also on 5×13.
The name Young Juliet appears only on 5×14.

“Lost” …. Young Juliet (1 episodes, 2009)
– The Variable (2009) TV episode …. Young Juliet

I sure hope this is a mistake and Young Rachel and Juliet have been casted for The Incident part 1 and 2 (if you read the spoilers about Jacob you know why).

We know from the casting call (for the finale) they were looking for two sisters and in the description they look like Juliet and Rachel to me.

I guess we still have to wait and see, but this seems really promising! 🙂

Thanks Stef for this head-up!