A Chat with Damon and Carlton

BE: One of the other writers wanted me to compliment you on your use of the rarely-utilized “romantic square,” with Jack, Sawyer, Kate, and Juliet.
: We actually refer to it as the quadrangle. That’s a lot more fancy than the square, but I guess a four-sided shape is a four-sided shape.
CC: No, because the thing about the quadrangle is that sometimes the lengths are closer than others, and that’s actually a more appropriate metaphor, because sometimes two sides can be much closer than the other two sides, whereas in a square, the sides are always at the same distance.
DL: Wow, I’ve never heard such geometric precision applied to intercharacter relationships.
CC: That’s pretty much my entire knowledge of math in, like, two sentences.
DL: If only that were true.

BE: There’s much talk on the ‘net about a death which will “rock the fans the way Charlie’s demise did.”
: That certainly wasn’t a quote by either of us.

BE: No, I believe it was from someone quoting someone else, who was probably unnamed to begin with.
: All we’ll say is that we don’t really like to talk about characters deaths because all of the focus goes to, “Who’s going to live and who’s going to die?” But I’m willing to venture that the online community doesn’t know as much as they think they know about the way that we’re ending this season. Carlton and I have been particularly devious in conjunction with some of the actors, in terms of misleading certain fates. So my guess is that, even by the end of the finale, people will be questioning the veracity of these online postulations. I would not feel comfortable saying anything a death rivaling the impact of Charlie’s.

Source: Bulz-eye