More Reviews about the Suliet’s moments in 5×15

This episode had some of the sweetest Juliet-Sawyer moments, for us Jewelers (I’m going to keep pushing that term) especially the sun-dappled close-up, just as they were about to get on the submarine, where Juliet said she was glad Sawyer talked her out of leaving the island in 1974. I really am rooting for those two to stay together. And then of course Kate has to show up and ruin everything.

Source: io9

Meanwhile, over in Dharmaville, I was beginning to think Sawyer and Juliet were actually going to get away and live happily ever after (silly me), until Kate dropped by, becoming the third wheel to end all third wheels. Awk-ward. Lucky for them it’ll be a short submarine trip.

Source: pressdemocrat