Review on Suliet’s moments in 5×15 Follow The Leader

In the Dharma Sheriff Station, Radzinsky beats a shackled Sawyer, trying to learn Kate’s location. Horace tries to stop NotPaul Giammati, but he’s too hippy dippy to stop the physicist/pugilist. Juliet begs him to stop, and Sawyer, sensing her about to break, tells her to be quiet. Even if she told the truth, he reasons, it would only get more people hurt. Phil thinks he has a way to make Sawyer talk. It involves hitting Juliet. Oh no you didn’t, Phil. It’s open season on your douche-y self. Phil then ups the hate ante by identifying Hurley as “the fat guy,” when a fellow DI employee questions the recent sub manifest, solidifying my desire to hop on the next Ajira Airways flight to Guam so I can whup Phil’s butt personally.

Pierre Chang rushes into the Sheriff’s Office, declaring the need to evacuate. Radzinsky’s having none of that, and declares himself the new leader and pushes Horace aside. Horace, for his part, combs his ponytail and says jack squat. Sawyer finally speaks up, agreeing that if Radzinsky puts the women and children on the sub, along with himself and Juliet, he’ll tell them everything they want to know. Before agreeing to this plan, Radzinsky asks Sawyer to draw a map to the Hostiles camp.

Back at the DI, Miles and Company watch the evacuation, and in the process Miles finally understands why his father abandoned him all those years ago. Hurley apologizes, and Jin prays to the gods that he gets more than one line in the season finale. The three watch Sawyer and Juliet head onto the pier, where Sawyer hilariously suggests they’ll buy Microsoft stock and pull Biff Tannen’s theory on sports betting to earn millions in the real world. He apologizes for not leaving three years earlier; she replies she’s glad she talked him out of leaving. There’s something about those two and that pier. First the scene in “LaFleur,” and now this. Both gold. Sawyer takes one last look at the Island and says, “Good riddance,” before heading under.

Inside the sub, Sawyer and Juliet muse about the “real world” they are heading to, and how wonderful it will be. The two exchange words of love, and who should come in shackled at that moment? Kate Austen: Moment Killer! Juliet looks at Kate like she just took a dump in her favorite pair of shoes. Kate, I know you’re thing is coming with people wherever they go, but this is straight up ridonkulous. I know you didn’t follow Jack, and that was a major breakthrough for you, but you shouldn’t overcompensate like this! Didn’t you come back for Claire? I totally defended you a few eps ago! Ugh. Moving on, with bad sub CGI sending us into the horizon.

Source: Zap it | Thanks Stef!