‘Lost’ scoop: Juliet mystery (sort of) solved

And now for some news that should surprise no one: ABC is expected to announce tomorrow that it has picked up a reboot of the camptastic ’80s thriller V and that Lost heroine Elizabeth Mitchell is a full-time castmember.
Translation: She will not be returning to Lost as a series regular.
However, before you go declaring Juliet DOA from last week’s detonated hydrogen bomb, I should point out that this piece of scoop comes with a big but attached: Mitchell’s Lost days are not done. Multiple sources confirm that the actress is expected to appear in an unspecified number of episodes next season, so it’s entirely possible Juliet survived Jughead and her absence will be explained in another way. (Check out Doc Jensen’s column this Wednesday for a comprehensive Juliet theorypalooza.)
What do you think happened to Juliet? And are you as bummed as I am that we’ll be seeing less of her next season? Sound off below!

Post a comment on how much you want Juliet alive here: EW – AUSIELLO FILES and VOTE for Juliet on DARK UFO. | Thank you Stef for the headup!!!!