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Matt: What did you think of the Lost finale? They definitely changed things up going into the final season…

Gail: I thought it was great and have it saved to watch again at some point. Did you hear ABC say this week that Juliet isn’t necessarily dead just because Elizabeth Mitchell has a new show (”V”), that she can do both? I guess Juliet would be alive if the bomb did what Daniel said it would do.
I can’t believe we have to wait till February for more, and that it will be the last season.


I just saw on Newsarama the teaser trailer for a new version of the old classic sci-fi show V. I clicked on the link to check it out and to my surprise, guess who will be staring in the new show? None other than Elizabeth Mitchell aka Juliet Burke from “LOST”. So what does that mean? Does Ms Mitchell do double duty or does it mean what I think it means and that the character of Juliet is indeed dead. That sucks if it turns out to be true.

I love the Juliet character. I really wanted to see her character happy with Sawyer and now it seems she’s dead. But what does that mean for the show? Is she gone because time has been changed and Oceanic Flight 815 lands safely in L.A.? Or was the flash of white light we saw at the end of the episode mean time travel and the remaining Losties have traveled back to 2007 as some people have hypothesized.

Another clue, another mystery and eight more months of guessing.


Is “Lost’s” Loss Our Gain?

When it was reported that Elizabeth Mitchell had landed a role on “V,” ABC’s remake of the classic alien invasion drama, producers played dumb, saying that it was only a small role and wouldn’t take her away from starring as Juliet on “Lost.”

Well, now that “Lost” concluded its fifth season with a big bang and ABC has released footage of “V,” that makes it clear Elizabeth is that serie’s lead, I have to wonder when we’ll see Juliet again. Granted, ABC president Stephen McPherson said, “We’re thrilled to be able to have her do both [shows]. It was a little bit of a juggling act … and we’re very thankful to the [accommodating ‘Lost’] producers, but I think we’ll see her on ‘Lost'” during the show’s final season.

I’m hoping that the super big brains at “Lost” planned to downgrade Juliet’s role during the show’s final season and haven’t had to readjust their plans because Elizabeth jumped over to a new show. In any case, ABC has released the first full trailer for “V” and it definitely looks have potential — particularly the clips’ final shock — but am I the only one who feels a sense of “been there, done that” with the series?



Mitchell will return to ‘Lost’

Elizabeth Mitchell will return to Lost during its final season, reports say.
The actress, who plays Juliet Burke, was last seen in the season five finale trying to explode a hydrogen bomb with a rock as the end credits flashed to white.
ABC hinted that Mitchell will be back in the drama, as well as the recently greenlit update of cult sci-fi show V, according to TV Guide.
“We’re thrilled to be able to have her do both [shows],” said ABC entertainment president Stephen McPherson. “It was a little bit of a juggling act… and we’re very thankful to the [accommodating Lost] producers, but I think we’ll see her on Lost during the show’s final season.”
V, which will be a midseason replacement, stars Mitchell as a Homeland Security agent who does battle with lizard-like alien beings.

Digital Spy

Velcome back, ‘V’

I don’t remember much about that sci-fi alien thriller V that played way back in the ’80s on TV, but I DO recall a couple of things. In real life, the Visitors were creepy and lizard-like, transmorgrifying into regular humans to blend into the rest of society. (I suspect my own colleagues and boss of this. See Rob Clark, above.) And two, they ate mice. Especially squirm-worthy was when they’d eat one in a single bite and suck in the tail indulgently like a string of spaghetti.

Anyway, ABC just announced it’s relaunching the series this fall and setting it in more modern times (and hopefully with better special effects), and two familiar faces that stand out: Elizabeth Mitchell and Scott Wolf. (Mitchell’s casting in V has led to speculation that she won’t return to Lost in 2010. Noooooo!)

Mitchell will play a Homeland Security agent, which means she probably won’t be sucking down any mice. Still, ABC’s promising a preView soon, so check back here.


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