Dark Ufo: Season 5 Awards

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  • Who was your Favourite Couple: |Jack and Juliet | Sawyer and Juliet
  • What was your Funniest Scene?
  • What was your Best Scene? |Jack/Juliet reunion in 5×09 | Juliet detonating Jughead (The Incident) | Juliet falls down the swan site | The dock scene between Juliet and Sawyer (LaFleur) | The flower scene (LaFleur)
  • What was your Best Line? | And Jin, who’s a hell of a nice guy, but not exactly the greatest conversationalist. (LaFleur) | James ‘Sawyer’ Ford: [to Juliet] What about you? Wanna stay here in Crazy Town or help me rescue the geek? | Juliet (The Incident): I love you, I love you, James, I love you so much. | Juliet to Kate in Some Like it Hoth: “Well, here we go.” | Juliet: come on you son of a bitch BOOM | Sawyer: We’ll buy Microsoft’