TCA | Report from “V” Summer TCA Tour

This report was live on TV TANGO.

Here the snippets about “V”, Elizabeth and “Lost” of course. 🙂

Cast: Elizabeth Mitchell, Morris Chestnut, Joel Gretsch, Lourdes Benedicto, Morena Baccarin and Scott Wolf.

Executive Producers: Scott Peters and Jeffrey Bell.

Question to Elizabeth Mitchell about Juliet: “Did you kaboom yourself with the bomb on LOST?” Elizabeth Mitchell: “I’ll be travelling to Hawaii multiple times.”
“I can’t say if I’m dead on LOST or not. You never know.”

Question to Scott Wolf about his character being an honest journalist.
Scott Wolf: “I appreciate that you see him that way.”

Premiere date: Tuesday, November 3 at 8pm. It’s official.

For those that saw the pilot/clips, there is a scene in an Anglican church but the priest is a Catholic priest. They’ll reshoot that piece so it’s in a proper church…that’s all they could get access to at the time.

Question: Are the visitors motives the same (taking all the water and eating  people)?
Answer: “The agenda is not the same as what it was. That’s been done.”

Question: Who/what does Alan Tudyk play and how often is he in it?
Answer: “He plays FBI counter terrorist”…avoided how often.

Elizabeth Mitchell loves Alan Tudyk and got absolutely giddy about the question. “Everyone’s [characters] going to stay in their own lives..instead of being on the run from the invading army.”

Exec producer: “The main theme of show is dealing with blind devotion.” says exec producer.
Conceived during the Bush admin; executed during the Obama administration. Both sides of the aisle will find something to complain about.
After more political and allegorical discussion, exec producer says that some people just want to know “Does the show have spaceships on TV on Tuesdays at 8pm.”
“The V’s are going to brand themselves.”

Question to Elizabeth about her role as a strong female character: “Always surprised. Always grateful. Always giggly.”     Elizabeth likes playing a traditional hero.

Last question already about budget. “We’re sort of on the cutting edge of some interesting technology…green screen…virtual world…build a set in a computer.”
It’s the only way they can wow everybody on a weekly basis. “We’re visiting the ship in every episode. We see ships in the sky in every episode.” same fx house as FIREFLY.
The show runners were clear that they want their lives/careers to be the constants in the show.