TCA | TV Overmind: Multiple Visits to LOST & V Premiere

Yesterday at the ABC TCAV roundtable discussion, Elizabeth Mitchell confirmed that she’ll be appearing on LOST in the upcoming season, most likely for more than one  episode.  During the discussion, she stated:

“It did seem that I kaboomed myself with a boom…I don’t think it’s going to be that way. I am going to be travelling to Hawaii more than once, because my [V] producers said it’s okay.”

It’s good to know she’ll be along for more of the ride on the island (or off?) next season. Whether she went “boom” or not, the character of Juliet grew even more during the Dharma days, and her chemistry with Josh Holloway (Sawyer) was impeccable, with her acting performance gaining the accolades of LOST fans everywhere.

What we don’t know is if the two will be reunited, or even if they’re in the same temporal or physical location.

In other TCA news, it was announced that the premiere of V will be moved up to Tuesday, November 3rd at 8pm. Whether this correlates with or frees up Mitchell for additional episodes of LOST is unknown as shooting for the inaugural season of V is expected to begin in two weeks and wrap up in early January.

I would suspect we’ll see Juliet on LOST more during the waning episodes of the series, perhaps culminating in the reunion we all hope for?

Only time will tell.

Source: TV Overmind