Fall 2009 Primetime TV Preview: Visitors

V – A remake of Kenneth Johnson’s 1980s science fiction series, V follows Homeland Security agent Erica Evans (the fantastic Elizabeth Mitchell) as she tries to derail a plan to take over the human race set in motion by seemingly benevolent alien visitors. Word of mouth on the show’s pilot episode is overwhelmingly positive, further giving audiences reason to believe that ABC has produced one more cult hit.

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Look Out for “V”

As summer draws to a close, there’s a sense of excitement and anticipation as 2009’s fall television shows make their debuts. The following prime-time shows already have generated incredible buzz in the weeks leading up to their debuts. Science Fiction and Fantasy Dominate the 2009 Prime-Time Dramas.

“V” – The Visitors are back in this re-imagined version of “V,” a popular ’80s sci-fi mini-series. But this time they are harder to detect. More appealing and seductive than before, these aliens actually have been moving among humanity for years. With science fiction veterans Elizabeth Mitchell (“Lost”) and Joel Gretsch (“The 4400”) leading the cast, “V” has an excellent survival rate — but mankind may end up as lizard food.

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