Photo: Elizabeth Mitchell On The Set Of V

UPDATE: I’ve just noticed that on her blog she posted a report of her meeting. It’s a bit spoilering about the episode of V they were shooting, but it’s nice what she wrote about Elizabeth.

So EM takes off her black jacket and gets ready to head to lunch, she walks towards where we are standing, I approach her calmly “hi Elisabeth?” she goes “hi” and gives us a lovely welcoming smile! I tell her I am a big Lost fan, and that Juliet is one of my face characters on Lost, which is true! I ask her for an autograph and a picture and she just goes “aww thanks, of course you can have that!”. Keep Reading!

A lucky lucky fan met Elizabeth in Vancouver. She posted a photo with her and Liz on her twitter. Here you can find also the autograph! 🙂

Elizabeth Mitchell on V SET Vancouver.jpg V SET Vancouver Elizabeth Mitchell autograph.jpg

Source: Mary | Thanks Stef for sending me the link!