Latest from Kristen | Spoiler About Juliet & Sawyer

Not much at all, I’m not sure if you even consider it a spoiler, but anyway…

Juliet Burke: Hello, I know I’m dead on Lost but I do care for James. Can you tell me if he’ll be OK? I love him so much, but I know he has to move on and be happy again—that’s all I wish for him. Libby says hi.
Wait a minute. How do you know you are dead, Juliet? If by chance you are a fan posing as Juliet, I would tell you that you shouldn’t jump to any conclusions! As for James/Sawyer, I don’t have any concrete info on how he’s faring in the new season, but I know he is alive, and I haven’t heard of any specific maladies headed his way. So no need to worry, as far as I know. I’ll ask my future daughter-in-law Java just as soon as she can talk.

Source: E!