What Happened To Juliet

This is a spoiler, but I think you need to read it.

Confirmed: Lost’s Juliet Is Dead, Not Impervious to Hydrogen-Bomb Explosions

During the explosive season finale of Lost last season, Elizabeth Mitchell’s character, well, exploded. Or did she? After all, in the Lost universe, falling hundreds of feet down a massive well and then being mere inches away from a hydrogen bomb when it explodes could either mean the character got blown to smithereens or that they’ll just wake up the next morning with a piercing headache and a severe urge to pop some Dharma-brand acetaminophen. Well, in the case of Juliet, executive producer Damon Lindelof confirms in this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly (not yet online) that the female half of Sawliet is, indeed, toast. “The decision to kill Juliet was absolutely brutal,” he said, before adding that “[Carlton Cuse and I] have to really love you to give you a finale death.” Don’t shed too many tears for Juliet, though: As we told you back in June, Juliet is set to appear in “an unspecified number of episodes” during the sixth and final season of the show.

Source: NY Mag

You might NOT wanna read this because if I am right I am telling too much of the story.

My theory: Juliet is dead in one of the loops  (loops… that’s what the whole Season 6 is about) we’re gonna see. She always dies during THE INCIDENT, like the others (Richard told Sun he saw them all dying). I’ve always thought this.  I think she is the cause of the fertility problem – because she’s just like Taweret, she helps pregnant women – and she was pregnant when she died.
In the loop they’re gonna show in the Season 6’s premiere the only one who dies (how funny) is her.
That’s why Sawyer was on that dock  (their dock) in episode 3. I think maybe we’re gonna see her in the  loop where the plain didn’t crash (maybe at home), but I don’t think that one is the final loop (coz’ I’m sure they just want to say that plain need to crash because those people need to change).

I just have the hope that the two storylines (the loop where Juliet dies and the loop where the plain doesn’t crash) will converge into another one (just like Matthew Fox said after the first 3rd of the season) and in that storyline, in that loop, Juliet won’t die (this i why Liz said there will be a “smile  down the road”). So we’ll be all happy and there won’t be any fertility problem anymore. To me that’s what Jacob is trying to do with the loops.

I hope they will show another loop in the first episode. Even if they show Juliet alive in the loop where the plain didn’t crash, it’s not enough for me because LOST’s story is about saying those people need to crash, otherwise LOST doesn’t have any sense at all.

If  in the first episode I won’t see any possibility that Juliet is alive in the final loop  (and I don’t mean the loop where the plain didn’t crash because I know that one is just another joke) I won’t give a damn about what they’re doing on LOST. If they wanted to kill her so much (they’re insensitive because you’ve been torturing her since the beginning) they could have just shot into her head. So NO damn 9 months cliff-hanger. Making fun of us is really insane. They also asked Elizabeth to be back on the show and for what?