Interview | More News About Juliet and Liz’s LOST schedule

The interview is spoilering about LOST’s schedule, but there is a confirmation Liz is going to shoot a movie in L.A., so I guess it’s “Answers to Nothing“. 🙂

Last we saw Juliet on ABC’s Lost, she’d fallen to the bottom of a nasty pit, was near death and hammered on a nuclear bomb, which went off, obliterating her and the island. So … is she coming back?
“I can’t [say], because they’ve decided to do a complete blackout,” Elizabeth Mitchell, who played the character, told us exclusively last week on the set of her new show, ABC’s V. “They’re doing no press, and they’re giving no hints and no spoilers, and they’re showing no promos. So I really can’t say anything.” Ah, but when are you going back to Hawaii to shoot the sixth and last season of the show? “I believe on the 14th [of November],” Mitchell said.
There you have it.
What does this mean for Mitchell’s other gig, V? How will she balance shooting the sci-fi alien-invasion show in Vancouver, Canada, and Lost, in Hawaii?
“It seems to have worked out seamlessly so far,” Mitchell says. “And I really don’t know how. But it has.” She will finish V’s first few episodes in early November, fly to Los Angeles to do a quick movie, and then to Hawaii for Lost. She’ll be there until January, when she returns to Vancouver to do more V. That sounds like she’ll be in most of the season of Lost.
“January 20th, I think, yeah, that’s the plan,” Mitchell said.
V debuts tomorrow night at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Lost returns to ABC in early 2010.

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