Elizabeth’s StarMeter on IMDB

She’s up 4645% in popularity this week. :O


Source: IMBD

V is up up 2020% in popularity this week. Lost is up 17% in popularity this week. Will Lost reach the same % of popularity in its first week next January? Go Liz! 😉

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3 pensieri riguardo “Elizabeth’s StarMeter on IMDB

  • 10 Novembre 2009 in 01:15

    It’s very nice that she’s popular. But Lost is unique. Juliet is unique. I don’t think popularity is more important than quality. So I hope V becomes a top quality series. The Pilot was a very good start. Let’s hope the next episodes will be as good. 🙂

  • 10 Novembre 2009 in 14:33

    OMG. This is amazing! o.O
    Haha, go V! IMHO LOST won’t be as great as it’s with Liz:P


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