Meeting Elizabeth on Answers to Nothing’s set

This report is from someone who is involved in Elizabeth’s new movie “Answers to Nothing” .

Hey everyone!

I had a really cool day today! So I got the internship for the job! They told me to come in this morning and meet the director and to bring my resume so I assumed I was still interviewing but they just put me to work! So I am the director’s assistant for a feature film featuring Dane Cook, Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet from LOST), and Julie Benz (Rita from Dexter!). Not paid but a super cool experience.
So the director is also the writer of the script and the co-owner of the production company. At first I couldn’t tell if he even wanted an assistant but throughout the day he kept asking how I was doing and when I left he gave me a hug.
Anyways. All I really did was bring him water for the most part, but I did get to take the production stills! He just gave me his super expensive camera and said to take pictures of all the actors while they were rehearsing. So that was cool.
And I got to know some of the people there. The 2nd AD is really cool and hopefully he will like me so he can hire me as a pa next time so I can get paid! The pa’s were pretty nice too. One was especially friendly and even talked to the 2nd ad about helping me out.
I also had a conversation with Juliet from Lost!!! I was outside at the production truck getting a director’s chair and as I walked inside someone yelled, “Mark’s assistant!” so I turned around.
Juliet: “Hey, could you take me to crafty?”
Me: “Sure. Im on the way now”
Juliet: “Hi, Im Elizabeth”
Me: “Im Carrie”
Juliet: “I just got so lost in this building I ended up in the basement!”
Me: “Oh Ive been lost like 6 times in here so its ok”

We get to the stairs. I have to walk up the stairs because I cant take the elevator with equipment.
Me: “You can take the elevator if you want. I cant cause of equipment”
Juliet: “Its ok. Ill take the stairs”
Halfway up the stairs:
Me: “I am using these stairs to justify me not exercising”
Juliet: “I have a lot of excuses for justifying not exercising!”
Then we reached crafty and she said thanks and I said bye. It was pretty sweet.

And one of the old man actors kept kinda flirting with me.
“Are you the designated pretty girl to stand by the monitors” me:”no”
“Whats your name” me:”Carrie” “Of course it is.” random guy “what does that mean” old creeper: “Thats my pick up line.”

So all around good day. Hopefully this will lead to something!


Source: carrie’s blog – Thanks Stef! 🙂