Elizabeth Mitchell tight-lipped about ‘Lost,’ emotive about ‘V’ | Interview

Hello, aliens. Goodbye, island. Well, almost.

Elizabeth Mitchell, 39, who appeared to have been blown to bits on the season finale of Lost, battles extraterrestrials on V (tonight, 8 ET/PT), but she will find her way back to the enigmatic island next year to resume her role as the stoic, heroic Juliet Burke.

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“There wasn’t going to be any more Juliet, and now there is going to be more Juliet. That’s all I can say,” the affable actress says with a sigh. “I wish I could say more. I don’t really like to be so close-lipped, but it kind of just goes with the show.”

Does it ever. Lost is one of the most secretive shows on television, driving viewers and critics mad with convoluted plotlines, unexplained supernatural elements and, now, a newly instated promotional blackout, according to Mitchell.

“They’ve actually decided they’re not going to show any previews at all (for the sixth and final season). … It’s going to be a complete blackout. They’re not going to have any leaks or teasers. It’s just their new idea.”

Mitchell assures that V, a remake of a 1983 miniseries that pits people against malevolent, human-looking aliens, will err more on the side of clarity than Lost.

“You can be a profoundly intelligent person and (Lost) can still confound you. (V) probably won’t be as involved, but like Lost, there will be things dropped here and there, and to keep on top of that, you’ll have to figure out more and more and more of it. The intentions are pretty clear pretty quickly. It’s not a vague idea of what (the aliens) want. They really do want us – they’re just doing it very slowly.”

Mitchell plays counterterroism agent Erica Evans, the lead on V.

“I get to set the tone, and I love working so much that it’s really fun for me to get to be the one to come in there and say, ‘Hey, let’s do it a little bit like this.’ The joy of it has always been in the doing for me, and I happen to have a cast of actors who feel the same way. I really do feel like I’m just part of an ensemble.”

In the Lost ensemble, Mitchell’s Juliet is more often than not the picture of placid panic, but Mitchell is happy to report that on V, her character is more emotive.

“I bust loose a lot in this. The thing I loved about Juliet is that everything was just boiling away beneath the surface, and the thing that I love about Erica is that everything is just boiling away on the surface,” Mitchell says. “She’s quick to be irritated, she’s quick to be angry, but she also has those moments of thoughtfulness, where she’s studying, which I also enjoy because that’s how I am as a person.”

Mitchell doesn’t have any other gigs lined up outside of V and Lost but says she was struck by a piece of advice she received when she was disappointed about being left out of the 2007 Emmy race.

“I was probably a little sad about it, but I’ve never, ever been someone to say, ‘Oh, I deserve this.’ I try to be on the side of gratitude. (Lost co-star) Terry O’Quinn said, ‘You can either be grateful, or you can be entitled,’ and I just prefer grateful. He said that to me during Season 3, and God, I just want to put it on a T-shirt! Not to wear out in public, but just to have as a nightshirt – maybe written backward so I see it in the mirror.”

Source: UsaToday