V: What’s to Come

The article contains spoilers.

The stars of the new sci-fi series talk about the next step for their characters.
US, November 9, 2009 – If you saw last week’s V premiere, you know a ton of story elements are already in play for the new sci-fi series. When I visited the set of the series a couple of weeks ago, I’d seen the pilot, but obviously didn’t want to include any spoilers in my initial set visit piece. Now that it’s aired and you’ve all had a chance to see it, I can bring you some additional info from the cast on what’s to come – or in some cases, what’s not to come… at least just yet.

The series has set up its primary hero, Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell), and villain, Anna (Morena Baccarin), but don’t expect the two to share any scenes together right away. Speaking about the initial four episodes of the series, Mitchell told me, “I have not gotten to face off with Morena. I will of course get to face off with Morena [eventually]. I really want them to build that as long as possible, because Morena and I, as far as our characters go, we’re both like, ‘Yeah, bring it on!'”

Said Baccarin, “It will be interesting to see what capacity they meet in and how they meet. I think that Anna would respect Erica very much, but she’s also not afraid to do what she needs to do, so we’ll see where it goes.”

A big reveal in the pilot was that Erica’s FBI partner, Dale (Alan Tudyk) was actually one of the alien Visitors – and apparently very much an evil one. Mitchell said this was quite a blow for Erica, as Dale was “her best friend,” but noted, “We will see him again… That’s one of the strongest relationships in the pilot and then you’re just like, ‘What just happened here?!’ There he is laying with his face cut off… It’s kind of cool!”

Mitchell noted her affection for Tudyk, adding, “Of course I, consistently on a daily basis, call everyone and I’m like, ‘You know I love Alan, right?’ They completely agree with me.” Addressing his absence from the episode they were shooting, Mitchell said, “He’s just doing Dollhouse [right now]. So he will be here as much as he can, I hope. I think he’s phenomenal.”

As to Dale’s true intentions, Mitchell remarked, “As with all lizard things, what is, is probably not what it is…” She then laughed at her own comment, noting, “God, it’s such a Lost thing to say, but it’s really true!” Baccarin noted she hadn’t shared any scenes with her former Firefly costar Tudyk yet, but as the leader of the Visitors, proudly noted, “He’s my people!”

Reporter Chad Decker (Scott Wolf) already compromised his integrity in the pilot, when he agreed to Anna’s terms for an interview and didn’t include any potentially critical questions. Going forward, Wolf explained, the Anna/Chad relationship, “winds up being sort of the front lines in some way of human/visitor interaction, because she’s their leader and she’s now sort of speaking through him. So he’s now, through the media, representing our ears, as humans. He’s been thrust into this position of spotlight and authority that he’s craved, but he was chosen I think because they thought they could put him wherever they wanted him.”

However, Wolf noted, “When we find him again after the second episode, he’s immediately wanting to turn the tables on her and to prove himself to be a far more worthy adversary than she suspected. So while it’s in his best interest for her to believe she’s on her side, I think he proves himself pretty quickly to be somebody who’s not willing to completely roll over and give the world away.” Baccarin said she felt the Anna/Wolf dynamic, “gets very interesting. There’s a little bit more of a power shift in which you don’t know who’s on top anymore and you don’t know where it’s going to go. They both surprise each other, and I think that’s what keeps that spark going between them.”

Besides Dale, the other big Visitor reveal in the pilot was Ryan Nichols (Morris Chestnut), who by all appearances seems to be a “good” Alien, on the side of the humans. Chestnut said that while there will certainly be more questions surrounding Ryan going forward, “I think by the fourth episode you’ll have a pretty good idea about which side of the fence he’s on.”

Chestnut also said that the second episode, “There Is No Normal Anymore,” will pick up very quickly for Ryan, who was injured at the end of the pilot. “I’m coming from this huge fight at the warehouse right in the home and trying to disguise it as if I’ve just been out with the boys or something,” noting that Ryan is still working hard to keep his true identity from Valerie (Lourdes Benedicto).

Meanwhile, Father Jack Landry (Joel Gretsch) is becoming an active member of the new human resistance. Said Gretsch, “I think that Father Jack is definitely going to be a fish out of water. He’s got to step out of the church. The great thing about Father Jack’s ally, Erica, is that Erica being an FBI agent, and as knowledgeable as she is, is someone he can trust. He kind of goes along with her and is helped by her. But yeah, he’s being pushed out of the church and I think the part of him that is a rudimentary man and protective man has to come out, and he does things he normally would never do.”

On most shows, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine Erica and Jack slowly falling for each other, in the midst of some very intense situations. But as Gretsch reminds me, “Father Jack is a priest. To become a priest, you have to go to such a degree to take that step and to go there. That is who he is to his core. He is a man of faith and he is a priest. He’s thrust out into this mythical type situation, where the only person he can trust is Erica. That is an incredibly intimate position to be in with someone – you can only trust her, because you don’t know who else out there is not a V. So there is that intimacy, but yeah, he is a priest!”

V premiered last week to very big ratings, but Mitchell was asked about any viewers who might have liked the pilot but still aren’t 100% onboard. Could she hint at what might completely suck them in? Without missing a beat, she replied, “The first two minutes of the second episode. The first two minutes are the freaking best two minutes! When I read it for the first time… I’m such a skeptic, but I put it down and I go, “It’s good!'” She then added with a smile, “I can’t tell you why…”

Source: IGN – Thanks so much Lexi! 🙂