411 Mania Review V 1×02

This episode was a huge step forward for the series. The plot device that anyone could be a Visitor is a great move. This allows Jack and Erica to be suspicious of everyone, and sets up the possibility of shocking reveal at any time. They resistance movement itself is a great plot device that allows them to add more characters every week or whenever they need to. The writing was crisp and flowed nicely, and Erica had some great lines. Erica trying to stay one step ahead of her boss and Angelo exposing Ryan’s major weakness were both perfectly done. The seeker scenes were great little well-done effects scenes.

Erica became a much more interesting character this week. Her ability to think on her feet to protect herself and what she knows about the Visitors was incredibly well done, as was the shower scene. Elizabeth Mitchell plays the silent tortured soul with pleading eyes so well that there was no need to change anything about the way she plays Erica from the way she portrayed Juliette.

Ryan has show-stealing potential. The traitor visitor angle feels fresh and you instantly want to know more about what he did in the previous resistance movement and most of all, what does he know about the Visitors and their plans? His relationship with Valarie feels incredibly doomed, but the look on his face when Angelo described how exposed Valarie is was a great mix of horror and shock.

Anna remains a good underexposed mystery. By keeping her vague and shadowy, the audience never knows what to expect from her. Good job of keeping her as the puppet master behind the curtain. They do need to stop delivering her catchphrase (“we come in peace, always”) at every opportunity, as it is already starting to grate.

Source:  411mania