V: The invasion begins | Review

ABC’s new show, ‘V’, proves to be a sci-fi hit


ABC has already produced a slew of successful new series this season, and the network can now add the Tuesday night sci-fi drama “V” to that list.

Based on the 1983 miniseries of the same name, the show revisits the idea that there are life forms on other planets, but instead of us finding them, they find us. As the “visitors” – commonly known as “V’s” – arrive on earth in massive hovering pods, they disguise themselves in human skin. There are about 30 total pods, which the V’s call “the motherships,” covering every major city in the world. The show follows the mothership over New York City.

What makes “V” such a must-see is the perfect blend of its mysterious elements of who these visitors are and exactly why they are invading earth. The writing is good and will keep the audience on the edge of their seats, eagerly wanting to know more.

The whole world takes notice as the visitors arrive, and many grow scared and worried about what will happen with these visitors. However, the very charismatic and sexy V leader, Anna (Morena Baccarin), ensures them that the V’s indeed “come in peace.” Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell), an FBI counter-terrorism agent, is determined to figure out why the V’s are invading earth and seems like the perfect person to get to the bottom of the mystery behind the aliens.

Other people who are questioning the reason the V’s have arrived decide to join the resistance, which includes Ryan Nichols (Morris Chestnut), Father Jack Landry (Joel Gretsch) and Evans’ FBI partner Dale Maddox (guest star Alex Tudyk).

Surprisingly, though, there are groups of people who embrace the V’s and think they will change the world for the better. One of these people is Evans’ son Tyler (Logan Huffman). Erica strongly urges Tyler not to listen to the V’s, and warns him they want to brainwash society, but Logan becomes a member of the V’s youth group against his mother’s wishes with the help of Lisa, a young, sexy V, played by Laura Vandervoort.

In one climactic scene that solidifies “V” as a hit, audiences learn that the V’s have actually been on Earth for years, implanting themselves into humans in order to spy on businesses, religions and the government. These V’s are in their final stage of infiltration. In an unexpected twist, we find that Ryan, who has acted secretive throughout the episode, is actually a V trying to stop the eventual takeover. We later learn that Erica’s partner, Dale Maddox, is also a visitor, but with different intentions than Ryan. A fight ensues between her and Dale, and in the end she kills him – or so she thinks.

The pilot of “V” was used in a great way to introduce the characters and their backgrounds, without giving too much of the plot away. Just enough clues are given to the audience, enough for them to be satisfied and curious of what will happen in next week’s episode.

“V” is by far one of the best new drama’s of the fall and a must see, even if you aren’t into sci-fi.However, if you are going to watch it, hurry, as only two new episodes will be airing in November, then the show will taking an unfortunate hiatus until March 2010.

Source: The Daily Orange